ALWAYS PROVIDE YOU THE BEST SOLUTION  NUTROTEK has abundant experience from lab research to the front line of aquaculture maturation and hatchery. The solutions to animal health, water quality maintenance and disease control which we provide make management easier and lead to well harvest. Our main purpose is to help aquaculture operators gain the biggest profit with the most efficient way. 



To create a sustainable and eco-friendly environment, we strive to reduce the dependence on antibiotics and chemicals in aquaculture.

The innovation blended in our products make management easier and bring you a plenty production.



The key factors that make aquaculture operators growprofitability steadily are the ability to maintain the health of farmed species and sustainable management, which eventually meet world food safety regulations and provide a trustworthy source of seafood to consumers. Our purpose is to meet the above need and make the whole breeding process become more competitive. From Maturation to Hetchery, our solutions help you improve animal survival rate and growth performance, maintain intestinal health, and establish immune protection with the most effective way.