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AqauMore Bon-GLife

Product introduction

Enzymes which are extracted from herbs for shrimp larvae

Product Detail

AquaMore Bon-GLife contains various enzymes which are extracted from herbs. These compounds improve the intestinal digestion and absorption of shrimp larvae without irritation. Moreover, it reduces the risk of residual nutrients utilized by pathogens and efficiently controls pathogen proliferation which leads to a good environment in digestive system. 

※Bon-GLife is an effective product to deal with the slims produced by bacteria. When slims occur in the water, spread Bon-GLife over the tank directly.



  • Improve digestion and absorption of feed.
  • Prevent the proliferation of pathogens in digestive tract.
  • Particularly suitable for the period when feed intake slows down.


  • Mix Bon-GLife and feed first, then mix with water and spread over the tank evenly.
  • Zoea~Mysis : 1~2 ppm per day.
  • Post larva : 0.5~1 ppm per day.
  • When feed intake slows down, increase the dosage properly. 


Protease, Amylase, Biodiastase, Acacia, Starch.


  • Store in a cool, dry condition.
  • Keep bag tightly closed after it’s opened.


200 g/bag ( 10 bags per box )


2 years