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AqauMore Bon-ZM

Product introduction

Immunomodulator for shrimp larvae

Product Detail

AquaMore Bon-ZM is an immunomodulator designed for early periods of shrimp larvae. It helps larvae maintain an efficient growth during early periods, such as Zoea and Mysis stages.
Bon-ZM is an excellent feed supplement that enormously strengthens larval health and increases feed efficiency.



  • Enhance the cellular resilience during the period of rapid growth.
  • Improve the anti-stress performance.
  • Excellent palatability that effectively raises efficiency of feed utilization.
  • Especially designed for highly intensive culture conditions.


  • Mix Bon-ZM 0.3-0.5 ppm (g/ MT water) with feed and fresh water first, then spread over the tank evenly.
  • Use Bon-ZM while feeding (4-6 times per day).
  • Particularly for Zoea and Mysis stages. 


Aspergillus sp. extract.


  • Store in a cool, dry condition.
  • Keep bag tightly closed after it’s opened.


200 g/bag ( 10 bags per box )


2 years