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AqauMore Bon-VM

Product introduction

Health booster for shrimp larvae

Product Detail

AquaMore Bon-VM is a health booster designed for larvae. It contains multivitamins and herbal extract with excellent water solubility and absorbability. With the regular use of Bon-VM, the risks of growth retardation and loss of appetite due to vitamin deficiency will be reduced. Furthermore, the herbal extract inside Bon-VM will alleviate the stress caused by metamorphosis.

※The most effective time for applicating Bon-VM is before the molt, usually at night. 


  • Highly water-soluble. Easily absorbed by larvae.
  • Improve moulting rate to pass through metamorphosis period.
  • Boost performance of absorption and raise efficiency of feed utilization.
  • Alleviate the stress caused by metamorphosis.



  • Mix Bon-VM with water first and spread over the tank evenly.
  • Start use from Zoea period, 1-2 ppm(g/m3) once a day.
  • During Metamorphosis, increase dosage upto 3-5 ppm.
  • Transportation : 5-8 ppm to increase survival rate. 


Vitamin A : 6,000,000 IU/kg    Nicotinamide : 5,000 mg/kg
Vitamin D3 : 600,000 IU/kg     Pyridoxine : 1,200 mg/kg
Vitamin E : 1,000 mg/kg          Vitamin B12 : 5,000 ug/kg
Vitamin K : 1,200 mg/kg          Vitamin C : 5,000 mg/kg
Vitamin B1 : 4,000 mg/kg        Pantothenate : 6,000 mg/kg
Vitamin B2 : 4,500 mg/kg        Glycoside : 40,000 mg/kg


  • Store in a cool, dry condition.
  • Keep bag tightly closed after it’s opened.



200 g/bag ( 10 bags per box )


2 years