1. Probiotics
佳藻淨 Ecotic M

Product introduction

Probiotics mixture for shrimp hatchery

Product Detail

佳藻淨 Ecotic M

PSB, Rhodopseudomonas sp. 

  • Designed for indoor sunless hatchery.
  • Effectively decompose organic waste and poisonous chemicals such as NH3(NH4+) and NO3-(NO2-) to avoid disease outbreaks.
  • Produce a good probiotics phase in the bottom of the tank to reduce the prevalence of pathogens.

 Suggested Application

  • After disinfection, spread Ecotic M 4ppm over the tank evenly before Nauplii stocking. Afterward, use it 1-1.5ppm twice a day.
  • For poor water quality: Use it with Ecotic W to improve water quality efficiently (Spray the two products separately).


Ecotic series

Ecotic series -Designed for hatchery which is sunless environment. -Decompose from detritus to inorganic chemicals. -Ecotic series must be used together to establish a healthy intestinal environment and maintain water quality.
*Please spray two products separately.