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AqauMore Bon-WP

Product introduction

Water purifier for shrimp hatchery

Product Detail

AquaMore Bon-WP is a water purifier designed for the light-sensitive characteristic of shrimp larvae after Zoea 2 stage. Strong light will cause larvae to be stressed and stop eating. Bon-WP produces non-irritating dark water color, regulating osmosis and chelates heavy metals that make water environment better for larval rearing.


  • Make water quality maintenance easier.
  • Produce dark water color to reduce the risk of stress and cannibalism.
  • Chelate heavy metal and adjust osmosis.
  • Reduce the stress from water exchange.


  • Mix Bon-WP with freshwater, then spread over the hatchery tank evenly.
  • 2~4 ppm per day during larval rearing.
  • 15 ppm for transportation.
  • Required water color may differ based on personal habits, adjust the dosage accordingly.


Food colors, Lactose, Minerals.


  • Store in a cool, dry condition. 
  • Keep bag tightly closed after it’s opened.


500 g/bag ( 10 bags per box )


2 years